Aquatec Solutions A/S

- UV System


The UV unit integrated in our system break down all given organic matter in a very economical scale. Combination of reliable Hydrotech drumfilter and Aquatec UV system for sterilising intake water. The high UV output lamps can easily being changed while the system is running.

  • Low pressure - High Effi ciency lamps
  • 40% UV generation of the Lamp effect
  • Maintenance without stops
  • Cleaning without stops Optimal placement of lamps
  • Radiation chamber is stainless steel
  • Quarts protection tubes
  • Electronic ballasts
  • Standard DIN connections
  • Competitive pricing on replacement lamps

  • High UV dose versus energy consumption
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Low pressure loss – low head system
  • No disturbance while maintenance / cleaning
  • Low energy cost versus capacity
  • Quartz tubes secures optimal temperature on lamps.
  • Higher lamp performance due to the electronic ballast

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