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- Shutter Fluorometer

Aquation’s Shutter Fluorometer Sensor measures both the effective and maximal quantum yield of chlorophyll fluorescence, an indicator of plant health. By use of its novel shutter mechanism, a leaf, seagrass blade or macroalga can alternately be exposed to full sunlight or be placed in darkness at any time, without user intervention. The flexible software enables yield measurements, dark acclimations, light curves and other user-defined actinic light treatments (including far red light) to be made at any time of the day or night. The Shutter Sensor is designed as part of a fully submersible fluorometer system for use in both marine and freshwater environments. When multiple Shutter Sensors are combined with a Submersible Datalogger, the “Multichannel Shutter Fluorometer” will conduct multi-day deployments on replicate samples where regular measurements of plant health are required without the need for user intervention.

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