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- Model III - Fluorometer



AquaTracka III Fluorometer for in situ detection of Chlorophyll a, tracer dyes or turbidity. Chelsea Technologies Group’s AquaTracka III provides highly sensitive data on fluorescence parameters including Chlorophyll a, Rhodamine, Fluorescein or Turbidity, configured by factory-set fluorometer optics.

The AquaTracka III detects fluorescence. When dissolved compounds (that are of a fluorescent nature) absorb light they re-emit a fraction of this energy as fluorescence at longer wavelengths. Fluorescence intensity is directly proportional to concentration. The technique is widely recognised as one of the most sensitive detection methods available. A low power rugged pulsed xenon light source is used in conjunction with a virtually indestructible photodiode detector and a reference channel monitoring the intensity of each flash, providing excellent calibration stability over long time intervals. 

  • Chlorophyll a and other fluorophor detection
  • Rhodamine and fluorescein dye tracing
  • Particle concentration by light scattering
  • Profiling, towed, moored or ROV deployment
  • Pollution monitoring
  • Bio-geo chemical oceanography
  • Hydrothermal vent studies

  • High sensitivity
  • Wide spectral waveband available 400nm to 800nm
  • Long term calibration stability
  • High ambient light rejection
  • High signal to noise ratio
  • Single 4 decade logarithmic range
  • Dual-beam ratiometric system
  • Interface to CTDs and data loggers
  • Titanium pressure housing

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