- Back Pressure Valve (BPV)



AQU Valve is a diaphragm style two port back pressure/pressure sustaining valve designed to provide and control a continuous pressure on the discharge side of a positive discharge style pump, such as metering pumps. AQU Valve assists with the proper seating of the valve check assembly and accurate filling of the pump housing chamber for a more efficient and accurate running pump. (Factory set @ 50 psig /345kPa)

  • No moving parts in wetted chamber; superior choice for 'dirty' fluid applications.
  • High flow capacity with lower pressure drop.
  • Optional diaphragm materials.
  • Color coded caps indicate size.
  • Sizes1/4'to4'(8DNto100DN).
  • 10 configurations: threaded, socket, union  and flanged.
  • Injection mould design with fewer moving parts.
  • High ambient temperature ranges.
  • Gauge port available in either flow direction.

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