- Model Series 4000 - Metering Pumps



Not many pump manufacturers can boast a range of flows that start at fractional GPH and go up to 3,500 GPH. The Series 4000 pumps come at the top end of this impressive pump line. Built like a battle tank, this pump is made to withstand the most brutal working conditions one can expect a pump to perform in. It balances size and boldness with precision delivering flow consistence with less than 1% variation.

Like all other AquFlow metering pumps, this also complies with API 675 requirements. It retains all the most popular and proven design elements present in other smaller AquFlow series: a hydraulically balanced diaphragm, wear parts that all work under lubricating hydraulic oil to minimize wear and a modular design that is easy to operate, maintain and rework.

Corrosion resistance is not compromised with the liquid end available in chemical resistant materials such as 316 Stainless Steel, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C, PVC and PVDF. The pump also uses a disc valve which affords a larger opening to allow more viscous and some solids if needed.

Flow Capacity Up to 3530 GPH (Duplex)
Pressure Up to 3500 PSI
Design Modular design in aluminum housing
Metering Accuracy +/- 1%
Capacity Controls Manual/Auto
Safety Built-in internal relief valve
Availability Duplex or Double Flow Capacity
Liquid Handling Able to handle difficult liquids like slurries, off-gasing, high viscosities

Flow Capacity Adjustment 0–100% while the pump is running or stopped
Turndown Ratio Stroke Length 10:1

Stroke Frequency 10:1

Combined 100:1
Metering Accuracy Steady State: ± 1%

Linearity: ± 1%

Combined: ± 1%
Max. Process Fluid Temp. Custom engineered metallic liquid end: 500°F (260C)

Metallic liquid end/PTFE diaphragm: 250°F (121°C)

Plastic Head: 140°F (60°C)
Plunger Stroke Length 6'
Hydraulic Oil Capacity -
Displacement Per Stroke (by plunger size) 7/8' - 2.2698 cu. in. (37.19 ml)

1-9/16' - 7.6453 cu. in. (125.29 ml)

3' - 28.1989 cu. in. (462.12 ml)

1-1/8' - 3.8013 cu. in. (62.29 ml)

2-1/2' - 19.63 cu. in. (321.77)
4' - 50.34 cu. in. (824.99 ml)
Liquid End Material Options 316 SS, Alloy 20, Hastelloy C, PVC, PVDF and PTFE

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