Aramid Needle Felt for Dust Filter Bags



General introduction of the aramid (Nomex) needle felt filter cloth: The Aramid fiber for filter media also called Aramid fiber 1313 in China, and Nomex® is one kind of the aramid fibers produced by Dupont®. Aramid (Nomex) filter bags mainly installed in the bag filter house with the temperature between 130 ~ 220 degree C, suitable PH value between 5~9, widely used in steel industry, carbon black industry, construction industry and power industry.

Material: aramid (Nomex) fiber, supported with aramid (Nomex) scrim / fabric.
Weight: 350~650g/sq.m
Operation Temperature: Continues: ≤204℃; Peaks: 220℃
Surface treatment: singed & glazed, heat set, PTFE suspension bath, PTFE membrane.
We can customize the products according to the requirements from the clients!

1. Chemicals Industries: Dryer bag filter houses in the pigment, plastic, catalyst, and carbon black plants, etc.
2. Minerals Industries: Dryer bag houses in the gypsum and clinker cooler bag houses, etc.
3. Metallurgy Industries: High temperature process collectors for lead oxide and electric arc furnace bag houses in the iron works, etc.
4. Power Generation and Incineration: Fly ash handling collectors.
5. Building material Industries: handle the tail gas from vertical kiln of cement plants (filter bags for cement plant), the dust air from the asphalt mixing plant, etc.

1. High temperature resistance:
Recommended continuous operation temperature: ≤204 degree C (for getting a longest service life, the continuous operation temperature suggest not exceed 180 degree C); instant peaks: 220 degree C.
2. Stable size under high temperature after heat setting treatment: at the 220 degree C , the shrinkage not exceed 1%.
3. Fire proof.
4. Good abrasion and folding resistance.
5. Cheaper price when compare to other heat resistant filter cloths.
6. Long service life.

1. Maximum width: 2.2meters.
2. Both filter cloth rolls and filter bags are available.

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