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Model Type SC - Archimedean Screw Sludge Pumps


Archimedean screw pumps (are designed for handling highly polluted liquids, sludge, etc., of temperature up to 50 °C. They are of a simple, sturdy design and of a high service reliability, long life, simple operation and high efficiency. They are capable of handling liquids with fairly large and even fibrous admixtures, without  the necessity of a prior mechanical pre-purification. The Archimedean screw pumps are designed for an inclination of 30° up to 38° and belong to the family of lift pumps.

Archimedean screw sludge pumps are intended primarily for the handling of sewage systems as well as for all cases where highly polluted liquids and sludge with a content of solid impurities have to be handled. 

Automatic control from zero to maximum flow permits a variable quantity of liquid to be pumped economically in dependence on the inlet level. The pumps have a high efficiency within a wide range of the pump flow capacity.

The Archimedean screw pumps operate by the rotor -  rotating in the trough, being immersed at its lower end  in the liquid and scooping the liquid into the closed chambers formed by the walls of the trough and the helical blades.

The liquid is moved from the intake level to the outlet level.

The Archimedeanscrew pumps consist of a screw rotor, inclined 30°- 38° to the horizontal plane, which is mounted in an upper and a lower bearing and of a semi-cylindrical trough.

Rotor: The blades of a two or triple helix are welded to the tubular shaft. The upper end of the tubular shaft is terminated by a pin for mounting it in the bearing and for the keying – on of a coupling.

The lower end is likewise terminated by a pin which has an exchangeable sleeve. Semi-cylindrical trough: With smaller sizes of pumps, the trough is made of metal sheet with a built – in slat aid with feet for securing it to the foundation. With large sizes of pumps, the trough is made of concrete which may be faced with abrasion resistant tiles (basalt, etc.) or stainlless steel plates when necessary. The right hand edge of the concrete trough (viewed from the drive end) is protected by an steel angle , on the left-hand edge is mounted the steel splash plate.

Upper bearing: The bearing takes up the thrust and the radial force. It is an antifriction bearing, grease lubricated. The lubrication is done according to the directions given in the assembling and operating instructions.

Lower bearing: The bearing is a plain bearing provided with an exchangeable bush and lubricated with grease by means of a lubricator accommodated in the engine room. With the YBA 2250 size, the lower bearing is an antifriction bearing.

Material of Standard Design

  • The main parts of the pump are usually made of structural steel or cast steel, the less highly stressed parts of cast iron.
  • The surface of structural steel can be zinc coated and painted.
  • The screw, tube, splash plate and through can be made in special cases of stainless steel.

Drive of the Pump

  • The pumps run clockwise (viewed from the drive end). They are driven by an electric motor through a gear box.
  • With small pumps, electric gear motors are used. Flexible couplings are inserted between the individual parts of the drive and the pump. The screw pumps are designed individually for each length. A binding dimension drawing is also issued for each lenght after the order.

Dimensions of the Pumps
The pumps are produced in two dimensional versions:

  • standard version according to a screw diameter
  • versions according to diameters stepped on 100 mm.

The diameters and the lengths can be arranged in special cases according to a client's request  or the real situation on a site.
Capacity of the SC Pumps standard range

The above mentioned data are informative and for inclination 30°.

  • Screw lengths are standardly stepped on 500 mm and can be shorter than Lmax.
  • Documentation for each pump is worked out for each length individually. It is necessarythe bindings drawings to be asked from the producer for civil and machinery designs.

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