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ARDES treats 2.000 / 100.000 m3/h gas.  Ultimate Solution for Odor Removal!.

Scrubber Solutions in European Standards and Quality

  • In Industrial Plants
  • In Chemical Plants
  • In Food Process Plants
  • In Laboratories
  • In Domestic and Industrial Waste Management Plants

Horizontal Crossflow Scrubber
It is a treatment system with low initial cost used against air pollution. It is effective especially for the simultaneous gas treatment and the treatment of particles bigger than 3 micron.  The waste gas that will be treated is delivered horizontally to the scrubber. The washing is accomplished as the cleaning liquid is sprayed at the counter current of the gas. The scrubbers are made of corrosion resistant material and they don’t allow any clogging. The scrubbers use very little liquid and provide a rapid pass for the gas with little energy consumption. The pressure loss of the device is very minimal.

Crossflow Scrubber
The 800 to 1500 mm packing bed captures melted toxic gases with 99% capture efficiency. When there is liquid passage with %98 efficiency, it provides the capture of 5 micron or bigger sized particles. When it is built entirely with PVC-CTP, it allows to achieve maximum resistance to corrosion, light weight and minimum maintenance requirement.

Fields of Application

Process Type

  • Crystal Glass Industries
  • Petroleum Coke, Calcination Plants
  • Copper, Lead, Magnesium, Zinc, Sulfuric Acid Process Plants
  • Aluminum Refineries
  • Phosphate and Phosphoric Acid Plants
  • Pharmaceuticals and Food Processing Plants
  • Galvanic Plants
  • Refractories
  • Paper Industries

Waste Gas Contents

  • HF, H2SO4 gases
  • SO3, SO2, carbon particles, Carbon Particles, Inorganic Waste Fumes
  • Salt, SO3
  • AlCl3, HCl, SO2, SO3, Al2O3
  • Fluoride Fumes
  • HF, P2O5 Fumes
  • Smoke, odor, Aldehydes, Organic Acids
  • NH4Cl gases, ZnO, omic Acids, Cyanide Fumes
  • HF gas,NH3, SO2, Na2SO4, (NH4)2SO3, H2SO4 gases, (NH4)2SO3 gas, soda, HS, SO2 gases, Na2SO4 particles, Hydrocarbon wastes

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