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- Model II - 10-Channel Automatic Resistivity System



Groundwater exploration, geotechnical investigation, monitoring of dams and dikes, environmental studies, geological survey, mineral prospecting, archaeology, detecting of cavities and buried objects, underwater, marine, borehole and cross-hole measurements. ARES II represents a well equipped resistivity and IP imaging system. Its advantages can be applied especially for large 2D and 3D surveys (operating up to 65,000 electrodes), for continuous survey from water level and for programable monitoring of structures. Its variability, easy field operation (without PC), feeding from a standard 12 V battery or from a generator, rich support of standard and special electrode arrays and compatibility with widespread interpretation software makes ARES useful tool for working groups and research teams.

  • 850 W - 2000 Vp-p - 5 A Transmitter for all Multi-Electrode and Manual Modes
  • 10-channel Receiver with up to 20 Adjustable IP Windows
  • 2D/3D Resistivity & IP Tomography VES, RP, SP Measurements Continuous or Timed Survey
  • Active Multi-Electrode Cables Passive Cables with Switch Box Roll-Along Possibility
  • Easy Operation with Graphical Screen Data Download via USB Port or Flash Disk Supply from 12 V Battery or AC/DC Convertor
    GPS Connectivity

Standard accessories:

  • Transport case
  • T-piece (for connection of multi-electrode cable sections and cables for current and potential electrodes)
  • Cable for external 12 V battery (with reverse polarity protection)
  • VES & profiling adapter II
  • AC/DC adapter (for all countries)
  • USB cable
  • PC software ARES II (MS Windows based)
  • User manual

Optional accessories:

  • Multi-Electrode cable II sections
  • Switch box II (48-channel adapter) for passive multi-electrode cables
  • 12 V attachable battery pack with fast 3-stage battery charger
  • 12 V electronic power supply
  • Cable reels
  • Stainless steel electrodes, non-polarizable electrodes
  • Processing software for 2D/3D inversion, VES interpretation and mapping (Res2DInv/Res3DInv, IPI2Win, Surfer)

Measuring methods:

  • 2D/3D/4D Multi-Electrode Resistivity and IP Tomography
  • VES - Vertical Electrical Sounding (resistivity and IP)
  • RP - Resistivity and IP Profiling
  • SP - Self Potential
  • Cross-Hole Tomography
  • Moving Applications with GPS

Supported arrays:

  • Wenner Alpha / Beta / Gamma, Wenner-Schlumberger, Dipole-Dipole, Pole-Dipole, Reverse Pole-Dipole, Pole-Pole, Equatorial Dipole-Dipole, Multiple Gradient Method, Cross-Hole, Borehole-Surface, user defined configurations

Measurement - features:

  • Checking of grounding
  • Automatic calibration
  • Automatic pulse cycling and checking of measured values
  • Easy interruption and continuing of the measurement
  • Capability of profile prolongation by means of multi-electrode cable rolling

  • Total accuracy:
    better than 1 % (typically)

  • IP - Induced Polarization (Chargeability):
    up to 20 adjustable IP-windows, each max. 30 s, step 20 / 16.66 ms

  • Pulse:
    0.2 s - 30 s, step 0.1 s

  • SP compensation:
    constant and linearly varying SP cancellation

  • Stacking:
    manual or automatic (with self-adaptive setting)
    adjustable optimum measured voltage and maximum acceptable measurement error

  • Stored values:
    position of the measured point, output current, input voltage, SP, apparent resistivity, standard deviation, chargeability with standard deviation for up to 20 IP windows

  • Number of electrodes:
    max. 65,000 in one array

Control unit

  • Easy-Control system with alphanumeric keyboard and graphic 4.7” high resolution LCD display
  • Easy real time horizontal and vertical data consistency checking and data remeasuring
  • Real time decay curve on display
  • Measuring system can be upgraded via Internet
  • Safety switch

  • Memory:
    256 MB, 100 files, more then 5 mil. readings

  • PC interface:

  • PC software:
    provides data download and export for processing programs (RES2DINV / RES3DINV, Surfer, IPI2WIN and others) as well as upload of measuring procedures

  • Power supply:
    12 V car battery, 12 V attachable battery pack, 12 V electronic power supply
    AC/DC adapter for office

  • Connectors:
    current and potential clamps, data download (USB and flash disk), GPS, battery
    and a universal one for all measuring accessories

  • Dimensions:
    15 x 21 x 40 cm

  • Weight:
    5.9 kg

  • Ambient conditions:
    -10°C to +60°C, weatherproof

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