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- Model 4.6 - Argon Shielding Gases



Combining versatility with the benefits of easy arc starts to optimise your productivity. As a pure gas, argon is used for MIG and TIG welding of non-ferrous materials such as aluminium alloys, copper alloys and titanium. It is the most common gas for TIG welding of both carbon and low-alloy steels because of its versatility. The welding arc is very easy to initiate, making argon ideal for all types of arc initiation systems. Argon has the added advantage of being suitable for purging applications.

Argon is best suited to welding thin sections as it does not produce a very fluid weld pool. The ideal operating range for MIG and TIG welding of non-ferrous materials is up to 4mm and 3mm respectively, although argon can be used successfully outside this band. In the case of carbon steel and stainless steel, the recommended TIG welding range is up to 5mm and 3mm respectively. Once again, however, good results can be obtained beyond these guideline values. Talk to our experts for qualified advice on your individual application.

  • Versatility – most popular shielding gas

  • Excellent choice for TIG and MIG welding of ferrous materials

  • Suited also to purging due to inert properties

  • Supply flexibility – available in bulk or cylinders.

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