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Arktis MODES_SNM is a highly modular, customizable platform that detects and identifies radiological and nuclear materials. The mobile radiation monitoring system is also available to be kept ready for rapid deployment in emergencies. Mobile radiation monitoring systems have the versatility to cover a broad spectrum of radiation detection missions. While deployed for daily use in port security and law enforcement, they can be kept ready for rapid deployment in emergencies that could include reactor accidents, heightened terrorism threats, recovery actions for lost or stolen nuclear materials, or intelligence driven operations.

  • High radiation detection performance
  • Versatile and mission-configurable
  • Minimal training needed
  • Peripherals (cameras and occupancy sensors)
  • Reliable high speed screening
  • Low false alarm rate: Less than 1 out of 10,000 passages
  • User friendly software and GUI
  • 3He-free neutron detection technology (no dependence on scarce material)
  • Data transfer to a network or central alarm station
  • Compatible with third party software - integration supported

Three functionality packages allow the mobile radiation detection system to be configured for each customer's mission.

MODES_SNM is a highly modular, customizable platform that detects and identifies radiological and nuclear materials. Three functionality packages allow the system to be configured for your mission.

Detection Technology
Gamma Detectors: MODES_SNM combines proven conventional technology with leading edge proprietary detectors to provide the best performance in its class:

  • NaI(Tl) crystals offer good efficiency and energy resolution over a wide energy range. They are equally sensitive to the gamma signatures of Special Nuclear Material (SNM), Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM), industrial and medical sources.
  • Proprietary xenon based detectors combine good energy resolution with exceptional sensitivity for low energy gamma signatures. The detectors have an unparalleled signal-tobackground for signatures of SNM. They are less prone to false alarms from fluctuating backgrounds while driving.

Neutron detectors (3 He-free): Proprietary Rugged-by-Design detectors offer sensitivity for both fast and thermal neutrons. Discrimination between thermal and fast neutrons is a feature unique to this technology, affording superior signal-to-background characteristics. Using SiPM based technology provides for a compact and fully integrated detector.

MODES_SNM Software
Data fusion and spectral identification algorithms analyze data streams from detectors and peripherals to reduce false alarms, provide GPS marked dose rates, and identify/classify sources.

  • Detection Performance: Compliant with ANSI 42.43
  • Communications:
    • Via graphical user interface (GUI): Wireless, Ethernet/LAN (optional)
    • External data transmission: GSM (encrypted)
  • User Interface: User friendly GUI accessible over web browser and wirelessly
  • Data Export: ANSI 42.42 compatible format accessible via http
  • Modularity: Fully mission configurable, automatic detector recognition and calibration
  • Power Options & Autonomy: 90-250 VAC, 47-63 Hz or 12 VDC Operates autonomously from battery for at least 8 hours.
  • Ingress and Electromagnetic Radiation Protection: The detection system is passive and does not require cargo to be exposed to radiation EMV immunity according IEC/EN 61000-6-2 Temperature range: -30 - 50 °C

  • Application:
    • Monitor passing traffic and conveyances to detect nuclear and radiological threats
  • Features:
    • Rejection of NORM
    • Defeat masking scenarios
    • Source detection and identification
    • External data transfer via encrypted GSM
  • Typical Missions
    • Primary and secondary R/N screening at border crossings, choke points, green borders
    • Mass event access screening
    • Covert measurements
    • Airport screening of luggage & cargo trolleys to/from aircraft
    • Seaport screening of transshipped
    • cargo & arriving/departing trucks
    • Intelligence-driven operations
  • Typical End Users: Customs, Law enforcement & intelligence Border/port security
  • Operation
    • MODES_SNM is parked up to 3m from traffic, preferably at a natural choke point
    • Operator can be in vehicle or outside
    • Battery operation possible without motor running
  • Peripherals: Occupancy sensor, camera

  • Application:
    • Detect radiological sources while driving
  • Features:
    • Suppression of nuisance alarms from changing backgrounds while driving
    • Source detection and identification
    • Directional information
    • External data transfer via encrypted GSM
  • Typical Missions
    • Large area source search
    • Covert patrolling crowds or parking lots
    • Search for orphan sources in areas after catastrophe or armed conflict
    • Screening vehicles on highway at speed
    • Clearing areas of sources prior to sports events
    • Intelligence-driven operations
  • Typical End Users:
    • Customs, law enforcement & intelligence Civil protection, military
  • Operation
    • MODES_SNM is driven along a search pattern, or directed to inspect specific targets
    • Operable by driver or dedicated operator
  • Peripherals:
    • GPS receiver, distance measurer, camera

  • Application:
    • Patrol areas while automatically creating dose rate maps
  • Features:
    • Typical Missions
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Establishing maps of background radiation
    • Post event surveys
    • Clearing an area of sources prior to a mass event
    • Save maps of background data to support future source search operations
  • Typical End Users:
    • Environmental protection Civil protection, law enforcement
  • Operation
    • MODES_SNM vehicle is used to map the radiation background of an area Operable by driver
  • Peripherals:
    • GPS receiver

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