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- Model RPM - Industrial Radiation Portal Monitors System



The Arktis Industrial Radiation Portal Monitor (RPM) systems for Recycling and Manufacturing allow highly reliable screening of vehicles entering a facility for radiological threats and smuggled materials.

Radiological materials enter the recycling and waste streams via a variety of different paths. Examples of this include accidental disposal at universities and hospitals, contaminated waste, and lost or stolen industrial devices. It is critical that such materials are detected prior to entering processing facilities. Failure to prevent radiation contamination could cost millions to remediate and lead to problems for both public health and the environment. The V2000 offers a highly reliable screening of vehicles for radioactive materials.

  • High sensitivity/high-speed gamma radiation measurements
  • UNI 10897:2016, CEI EN 62022 compliant
  • Configurable to meet layout requirements and vehicles specifications
  • False alarm rate < 1:10,000
  • Real-time monitoring and dynamic background radiation subtraction 
  • System health and Alarm event management, with local display and remote indicators
  • Ethernet communication for remote monitoring and support
  • Connectable to vehicle identification devices (like plate readers)
  • Neutron detection option available
  • Optional radioactive materials categorization upgrade

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