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Arktis' proprietary and unique technology leverages recent breakthroughs to deliver precise and reliable detection solutions. Our mission is to create a safer world by making radiation detection more accessible. To achieve this mission, we have developed easy-to-implement radiation detection technology that is cost-effective, mobile and user-friendly.


Arktis detectors perform signal processing and event categorization in real time. This unique technology leads to reduced noise and false alarm levels and increases selectivity.


Arktis has pioneered the use of scalable, readily available, low cost and inert noble gas (helium, argon) as an optical medium in detectors. 


While the industry is still dominated by legacy vacuum PMTs, Arktis has emerged as the technology leader in large area solid state light readouts.


Smart triggering and precise timing information means significantly reduced background.


Our radiation detectors consist only of scalable, readily available material which can also cover large areas. The readout electronics are scalable to enable ease of integration. 


Arktis' modular systems architecture comprises of Line Replaceable Units (LRU) with their own IP address in line with our open systems architecture philosophy. The control software works on your existing computer infrastructure as it is a web-based technology.

  • Precursor technology from fundamental physics at CERN: Goal was the development of very sensitive detectors to search for so-far unknown matter
  • This detection technology also proved to be suitable for the search of difficult-to-detect radiological and nuclear material
  • Detectors based on abundant and scalable noble gas
  • Scintillation material proved to be excellent for fast timing, high selectivity and operation also in environments with high background
  • Detectors well suited for both passive applications (when they only detect what has been emitted spontaneously by a monitored material) and active applications (where either an x-ray, gamma or neutron beam actively causes a reaction in the investigated material)

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