- Model 4000 Series - Rollover Base Material Handling Bins



ArmorBin 4000 Series features a rollover pallet base. The bottom interior surface is flat to make cleaning easier. With over 110 variations, the ArmorBin is what the industry has been waiting for. Available in both dry blend resins and premium melt blend resins, the ArmorBin is the strongest, most durable bin available in today's market. The ArmorBin interior walls are the smoothest out there, which makes cleanup easy and efficient. The ArmorBin series comes in 11 different heights, ranging from 33' to 62' high. The ArmorBin fork-entry system has been engineered with a large radius to help deflect fork strikes.

  • Stackable 2 high with optional cover.
  • Designed to nest efficiently.
  • Denesting ledge prevents bins from sticking together.
  • Stainless Steel hardware is used to fasten replaceable bases.
  • Specially formulated colored resin is available to increase impact strength by up to 50%.
  • Superior pallet design resists wear through.
  • Process creates extra thick corners to resist cracking.
  • Optional drains are available.
  • Company Branding and color choices are available.
  • RFID Identification chip tracking system available.

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