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Endorsed by a specialist team of experts in their respective fields of industry, the Armtan-K was voted the Winning Product of the Month by Engineering Week Products in September 1994. The Armtan-K was hailed as being ‘an ingenious creation’ requiring little infrastructure, being enormously practical and offering significant cost benefits’. Since then, the Armtan-K has proved itself to be a leading world class product capable of meeting a wide range of liquid containment requirements often being applied in innovative and demanding applications.

The Armtan-K comprises an outer wall of Armco’s robust and profiled post hot-dipped, galvanised steel panels to SABS 763 supplied in modular, radiused panels which are simply bolted together.

Water-tightness is provided by any one of a number of Aquatan’s durable and time-proven flexible Geomembrane linings (which carry the SABS 15526-1991 quality mark) and selected on the basis of flexibility, thickness and chemical resistance to best suit the intended application.

The Armtan-K is offered in a variety of capacities from 23k1 to 1000kl with standard wall heights of 2m and others available on request.

The tanks are available either in DIY form (dependent on capacity and application requirements) or can be offered on a supply, delivery and installation basis by Aquatan or one of its approved installers.

Special Features

The versatility of the Armtan-K is illustrated by the range of special features which can be applied to the individual units to provide you with a value-added system to meet your project specific requirements.

Whilst standard features are in the form of 3 No. pipe flanges applied to predetermined Inlet, Outlet and Overflow positions, any combination of sizes and positions are possible. The features which are currently offered as being extra to a standard open-top tank include outlet manifold with taps, free floating disc cover, rigid steel roofs with our without columns.

The advantages of Armtan-K relate to the speed of construction, the modular nature of the system and significant savings in material, time and labour costs.

Further, due to the inexpensive and straight forward aspects relating to base preparation and the fact that there are no delays on the completion of individual units, the Armtan-K is immediately ready for operation once construction work is complete.

Armtan-Ks have also proved their value particularly in providing water storage facilities in areas which are difficult to access. This reduces transport costs as compared with alternative tank systems that rely on the supply of bulky materials in their construction. The thick gauge steel plates used in the manufacture of the Armtan-K has further provided these storage facilities with a greater degree of security - particularly in remote areas and against the potential damage from vandals, animals and climate is where robust construction really outperforms the rest.

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