- Durisol Retaining Walls



Durisol retaining walls are made of a proprietary material consisting of specialty grade wood particles bonded with cement. Durisol is highly sound absorptive, as well as being porous, rigid, non-combustible, vermin and fungus proof, thermally insulating and freeze-thaw resistant.

Durisol Anchored Retaining Wall System (DARWS) has steel straps attached to clips cast into the back face of the panels to handle retaining loads. The DARWS is typically utilized for wall heights of up to 35 ft (11 m). 

Durisol Narrow Footprint Retaining Wall System (NFRWS) requires no straps and minimal excavation/backfill area, making it the ideal solution for restricted spaces or where clearance to right of way is limited. It is typically used for wall heights of up to 3 or 4 metres.

Durisol retaining walls can be incorporated into integrated noise/retaining walls or integrated traffic barrier/retaining wall systems. Absorptive or reflective textures and colours can be coordinated with associated noise walls.

All Durisol retaining walls are engineered in-house and specify the required steel post sections and the depth and diameter of footings, as required to handle the retaining loads for individual projects.

  • Ease of construction
  • Minimal excavation and backfill requirements
  • Wide range of sound absorptive or regular concrete finishes
  • Can be designed in vertical combination with noise barriers

  • Road and rail right of ways
  • Breast walls
  • Residential and industrial land reclamation
  • Wing walls
  • False abutments

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