- Model HDPE - Pipe (BOSS)



Armtec is a leading HDPE pipe supplier in Canada. Our BOSS drainage, storm and sewer pipes and fittings are proven performers in municipal, industrial and forestry pipe applications. Engineered for gravity flow systems, a range of designs is available to meet standard and unique project requirements.

BOSS 1000 is a single-wall pipe with a unique corrugation profile that offers longitudinal flexibility and interior roughness, making it ideal for “snaking” around obstructions or conforming to steepened slopes.

BOSS 2000 and Polytite are dual-wall corrugated drainage pipes with a smooth inner wall for hydraulic efficiency and a tough corrugated outer wall for strength.

  • Strength
    Inherent minimum pipe stiffness of 320 kPa or 210 kPa
  • Impact resistant
    Highly resistant to knocks and bumps during installation
  • Durable
    Resistant to UV rays, abrasion and a range of chemicals, acids and bases
  • Rapid installation
    Can be trimmed to length in seconds; long lengths with fewer joints

  • Impact resistant to avoid installation damage
  • UV resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals, strong acids and bases (pH range 1.25 to 14)
  • Fast installation – lightweight and long lengths with fewer joints
  • Quick on-site cutting – BOSS pipe can be trimmed to length in seconds

  • Road culverts
  • Storm sewers
  • Stormwater detention systems
  • Structure relines


Single-wall drainage pipe with a unique corrugation profile

Ideal for “snaking” around obstructions or conforming to steepened slopes

Corrugated interior
Controls discharge velocities and reduces the potential for erosion at the outlet

Pipe wall can be factory-perforated and fi tted with a woven geotextile sock for subdrain or recharge drainage applications


Dual-wall drainage pipe with a smooth inner wall offers superior hydraulic performance

Tough corrugated outer wall provides added strength

Two product lines
For municipal and highway storm sewer and culverts, and for resource road culverts

Multiple sizes
Available in diameters from 100mm to 900mm

Variety of fi ttings available to connect with PVC pipes


Dual-wall, CSA-certifi ed sewer pipe for the most demanding municipal applications

Smooth inner wall
Provides optimal fl ow and unsurpassed resistance to abrasion and corrosion

Made of virgin compounds certifi ed by CSA

Gasketed bell and spigot
Enables simple fi eld connection and positive joint integrity

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