Model BTIS - Aromatic Diisocyanates Vapors Saturation Indicator Sticker for Ductless Hood Filters


The Acid vapors Breakthrough indicator for Activated Carbon Absorbers and Filters is a colorimetric indicator that indicates the saturation and exhaustion of carbon absorbers and filters. The indicator is reliable and cost effect means for protection from exposure to toxic acid gases and vapors in the work place. The indicator change color from yellow to red when carbon absorbers and filters are saturated with acid gases and vapors such as acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, hydrogen bromide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen iodide, nitric acid, nitrous acid, sulfur dioxide, trichloroacetic acid and trifloroacetic acid.

Hence alerting the user to replace the exhausted carbon absorber or filter. The indicator is easily connected to the ¾ inch female NPT outlet of the carbon absorber or filter using the ¾ inch male NPT threading at the bottom of the indicator. It is highly sensitive to acid gases and vapors. It operates at temperatures -20oC to 55oC (-4oF to 131oF) and humidities 5% RH to 85%RH. The indicator is 3.5 inch tall, 1 inch diameter and you can observe the bright vibrant color change from all directions. The unique design of the indicator prevents any color change due to exposure to contaminants in the surrounding environment and changes color only when carbon absorber or filter is saturated. The indicator has extended service life of 14 months and 14 months shelf life.

Product Specifications

a Weight: 28g (1.0oz)
b Dimensions: 89.9mm (3.5in), diameter 24.5mm (1.0in)
c Inlet dimensions: ¾' MNPT
d Operating temperature: -20oC to 55oC (-4oF to 131oF)
e Operating humidity: 5% RH to 85%RH
f Minimum detectable limit: 4ppm•min at 30 cm/sec face velocity
g Color change: Yellow to orange to dark red
h Storage temperature: 4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)
i Shelf life: 14 months at 4oC to 25oC, (39oF to 77oF)
j Service life: 14 months

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