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The shaftless ARQUIMEDES screw is the only way to transport large loads and varied granula sized products. There are many notable differences between the ARQUIMEDES and the standard shafted screw and the shaftless screw. The difference to the standard shaftless screw is that it is not necessary to supplement the screw when it is working in an inclined position. The ARQUIMEDES screw can be manufactured in any dimension, diameter, pitch, thickness and WING HEIGHT.

The difference to the Standard shafted screw is that the ARQUIMEDES® allows for a higher transporting load without the risk of the product backing up or blocking. Its’ main difference is that it doesn’t require intermediate supports and that compared to a standard shafted screw the ARQUIMEDES® screw works at lower revolutions.

The ARQUIMEDES® can be manufactured in many different thickness that vary between 10mm and 60mm.

The ARQUIMEDES® screw is most suited to the transport of:

  • Humid materials
  • Vicious materials
  • Irregular products
  • Vaulted products
  • Fibrous materials
  • Semi-fluid materials
And in all other cases where a hygienic method of transport is required.

The markets where the ARQUIMEDES® screw are usually used include the waste water treatment sector, pumice transport, incinerators, cement plants, paper and cellulose factories, agro alimentary industries, meat and slaughterhouse industries, chemicals etc.

The quality of the screw is in ST.52 (UNE F-1515) STAINLESS STEEL (AISI 304/316) and the length depends on the clients needs

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