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Kipp Kelly Air Flotation Destoners separate two fractions by weight rather that by shape or size. Stones, mudballs, nails, glass, tramp metals, and many other combinations are removed by flour mills and cereal plants, grain elevators, food plants, and mineral processors. Kipp Kelly Industrial Concentrators separate dense product from small granular products like diamonds from ore, or steel cable in tire recycling. Kipp Kelly Air Flotation Stoners and Concentrators are available in three models with capacities up to 14 tonnes/hr, depending on product being treated. Kipp Kelly Destoners are available in either a vacuum or pressure style. Particles are shaken on an inclined deck which removes all unwanted heavy materials. Example: stones, mud, and metals.

These units are widely adaptable to the dry bulk agricultural food industries with hundreds of applications. The machines are also widely used in the Mineral Refining industry and recycling of various products.

The Kipp-Kelly Pressure Destoners incorporate a full width feeder to a urethane coated mesh deck. The urethane coated decks provide superior traction and wear characteristics far exceed standard steel mesh or even stainless steel. Simplified operation requires only three adjustments, feed, angle of slope and air.

A single 7.5 hp motor is utilized for the fan and inertia drive system. A provided air inlet filter is provided for installation next to the Destoner or anywhere within 30 feet of installation.

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