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Arsenic Test Paper (#90762)



This test paper is used for the determination of arsenic or arsine. It is based on the fact that arsine forms a coloured co-ordination compound with mercury compounds. The test paper is exposed to AsH 3 , liberated with zinc/hydrochloric acid, by holding the paper either over the test tube or over the end of a gas exhaust tube.Colour reaction: white « brown-black. The colour reaction is faster, when the paper is first moistened before being used to test for AsH 3 in air.Limit of sensitivity: 0.5 micrograms As Recommended application: determination of arsenic in grape must and wine, determination of arsine in air. In the latter case the test paper should first be moistened with acetic anhydride. This product needs additional reagents. NOT SOLD TO INDIVIDUALS.

  • Pack Size: box of 200 strips
  • Hazard Class /UN Number: Not Restricted
  • Storage Temp: Room Temperature (mercury bromide paper)

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