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Officine Pilla s.n.c.

- Articulated Single Digger Compactor



CARGOMINI compactors like the Articulated Single Digger fall into the  range of mini compactors conceived and realized by Officine Pilla s.n.c. in order to solve the problem of  collecting refuses in little villages, hamlets, mountain places and outlying places such as old towns. The equipment’s structure was projected to be settled on chassis weighing altogether from 5,000 to 12,000 kg both with 2 and with 4 driving wheels.

  • Capacity of box container from 5 to 10 cubic metres
  • Material used Iron-stainless steel
  • Compacting system single digger structured into 4 cylinders
  • Functioning system Oil dynamical
  • Loading system in the back
  • Unloading system Discharging bulkhead

Production accessories

  • Articulated single digger moved by 4 cylinders;
  • EC security device;
  • Watertight wiring  complying with IPS5 regulations;  
  • Yellow light overturning lamp, complying with the article 10 law n.38 dated February 10th 1982;
  • Rear reflecting fluorescent panels complying with D.P.R. regulations dated June 30th  1988 n.388;
  • Safety rafters for maintenance works;
  • Mooving visual display unit with a 5-inch monitor inside the cab and back videocamera;
  • Tool  in charge of overturning garbage bins, DIN 30700 connection for 660/1100-litre containers;
  • Tool in charge of overturning garbage cans, comb-shaped connection for 120/240/360- litre dustbins;  
  • Device in charge of opening the horizontally pivoted lid pneumatically;
  • Little tank for the collection of sewages, equipped with rolling shutter for the dumping;   
  • Side door for the cleaning behind the ejecting device;
  • Exhaust pipe turned up;
  • A couple of back zinced rubber mudguards and splatter guards;
  • A horn inside the cab letting operators and driver communicate with each other;  
  • Side bars for cyclists to be sheltered;  
  • Instruction manual.

On demand

  • Tool in charge of overturning garbage bins, connection with two racks for the concurrent unloading of two 120/240/360-litre sheet bars and for the single unloading of a 660/770/1000-litre container with a flat lid;   
  • Tool in charge of overturning garbage bins, Bologna connection for 1300/1700-litre containers;
  • Further tools in charge of overturning garbage bins as each case requires;
  • Controls for the remote move of the equipment;
  • Adjustable white lamp allowing a good vision for night work;  
  • Device for breaking down dust;
  • Device for cleaning dustbins and streets;
  • A couple of back platforms, operators holders, complying with EC regulations, which includes safety measures such as side protections, belts, bearing-shaped bumpers, speed trap.

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