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Artificial Turf Cooling System


The same convenient features that make reel irrigators the leader in natural sports turf irrigation also make these sprinklers the first choice for cooling, cleaning, and conditioning artificial and synthetic sports turf surfaces. A cooler, cleaner, and more attractive playing suface provides a more comfortable and sanitary environment, and a more attractive arena for any sports event.

Special equipped sprinklers are capable of crossing the field at higher speeds than is normally used for irrigation of natural turf fields, applying high volumes of water to cool and rinse the synthetic surface to clean debris, body fluids, animal waste, and dirt from the field prior to play. The water application also improves the synthetic turf base. When the travel speeds are extremely high two sprinklers are used to improve the 'sprinkler rotation time' allowing all parts of the field to be covered with each sprinkler dedicated to one half the playing surface. Call us for help in designing a system for your field. We have some new stuff available, which is going to re-define the standard for equipment used for this application.

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