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Brinly-Hardy Company

Model AS-40BH - 40" Aerator-Spreader

In addition to loosening soil and reducing thatch buildup, aerating your lawn is a great way to keep newly sewn seed and fertilizer from washing away. But aerating and seeding can often be two big undertakings, especially if you have a large lawn. Brinly’s 40' Tow-Behind Aerator-Spreader allows you to simultaneously complete these two big projects at the same time. The heavy-duty aerator perforates the ground, while the high-quality drop spreader puts seed, lime or fertilizer directly into the soil where it works fast and can’t wash away. This heavy-duty, hard-working tool is built tough with extra durable tubular steel framing and drawbars. The 100 lb. capacity hopper made from 18 gauge all-welded steel minimizes twisting and flexing when loaded. And the aerator’s galvanized steel 8” tine stars stay sharp, won’t rust and achieve a penetration depth of 2 inches to properly reach root system.

  • to expedite your time in the lawn and ensures material enters the soil.
  • prevents twisting and flexing for long lasting durability.
  • provide maximum strength and dependability.
  • ensures accurate spread patterns with minimal waste.
  • inhibit rust and perforate the soil up to 2' deep providing access for air, water and nutrients to root system.
  • ensures maximum dependability.

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