AS - Safety Cabinet 1 Door



External dimensions (H x W x D in mm): 1825 x 560 x 500. Storage Capacity (L): 150. Retention capacity (L): 43. Number of shelves in steel: 3. Weight (kg): 60.

Due to obvious reasons of safety (fire, explosion, corrosion, intoxication) dangerous chemicals, whatever they may be must be handled and stored extremely carefully.

This catalogue will help you to find solutions relating to the storage of your dangerous chemicals according to your requirements of safety.

Whether you work in a workshop, laboratory, warehouse, manufacturing unit, department of a company, if you store hazardous chemicals such as poisons, flammables, corrosives, polluting, harmful products, etc, you must store them cautionsly safety.

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  • Public Health (Relates To Toxics)
    • Toxics and poisonous chemicals must be stored in a specific place equipped with key closing.
  • Recommendation (Relates to Different Families of Chemicals)
    • Non compatible chemicals must be stored in separate cabinets or compartments.
  • Environment (Relates to Pollutants)
    • Each chemical liable to pollute water or soil must be stored with a retention tank.
  • European Norm EN 14470-1 (Relates to Flammables in Laboratories)
    • Flammables kept inside laboratories must be stored into one or more safety cabinets with a minimum fire resistance of 15 minutes. 4 classifications: 15, 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

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