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ASA Half Stretcher PRO



This ASA wear with support cloth is an extension of the ASA wear. This too is beneficial, combined with the previously ASA, its characteristic is especially design and more useful when a complex crash rescue occurs.The injured is positioned, the support cloth is place over the body and secures with a snap hooks. With an extention cloth support, this makes breast, pelvic and side body - arms and shoulders better protected when rescueing. The breast and pelvic belt is with vehicle safety locks. The pull belt is equipped with two pieces grip so that in a second, other rescuers can help. The removable spare bag for 6.8 litre air breathing bottle is easy to open. You don't have to open the entire wear to place the breathing apparatus. So even with the horizontal hoisting of the bag, it keeps the breathing apparatus within the wear, protected and secure. Black Cordula bag: has a palm grip handle and an adjustable looped straps.

Minimum weight: about 4.2 kilograms
Total transport size: about 20 x 120 cm
Note: Oxygen mask, the oxygen bottle, flight PA are not included!

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