- Model C-G 38/33/EXD-l - Variable Area Flowmeter



Asameters model C-G…38/39 all made of stainless steel are designed for medium and high flow rates for every kind of gas (mod. C) and liquid (mod. G) also aggressive, at extreme operating and environmental conditions (high pressures and/or low or high temperatures). These Asameters are ideal for flow measurement where safety and product reliability are a must and not require power supply (in standard version with flow indicator only) ensuring a cost-free measure even in hazardous areas.

Further advantage is the dimension of only 250 mm, making them suitable for installation in tight spaces. No straight sections are required upstream or downstream.

They can be supplied with flow indicator only or together with a microprocessor board for instantaneous, totalized and percentage flow rate with 4-20 mA output signal, Hart protocol (power supply: 24Vdc ± 10%) and Profibus PA interface (on request). All in 2-wire technology.

Asameters model C-G…38 _ 39 are also available in intrinsically safe version, ATEX certified EEx ia IIC T6 Zone 0 and Zone 1 (on request) and can be supplied with flameproof Exd design (see Model C-G 47… 50).

Asameters flow-ranges are:

  • AIR   min 0.08 nm³/h max 1,000 nm³/h (@ T= 20° C, @ P= 1013 mbar a)
  • WATER    min 2.5 l/h   max 120,000 l/h

For applications with clean air or gas at low pressures, and/or in the presence of water hammer model C is equipped with a damper.

Available standard connections are: screwed DIN 11851; Gas-F or NPT-F; TRICLOVER; flanged PN16 UNI EN1092-1; ANSI 150..900…10,000 RF/RJ; others on request.

Max operating temperature for standard version is 150°C and 400°C for high temperature version.

Standard ingress protection of Asameter housing is IP67 (on request IP68).

Manufacturing materials are stainless steel 316L (Hastelloy, Monel, Titanium on request) for metering tube, connections and all wetted parts.
The external housing is made of die-cast aluminium, polyester painted or available in stainless steel 316L (on request).

When flanged, these Asameters can have internal lining in PTFE in order to cope particularly severe working conditions (acid or alkali).

They are available also with free float for fluids with solids in suspension.

  • heating jacket with screwed connection ½” NPT-F or flanged
  • minimum or/and maximum flow alarm (inductive type Namur, certified for classified areas ATEXCENELEC EEX ib IIC T6 or PNP type with relay)
  • feeder for inductive switches available in safe version too
  • needle valve in stainless steel 316L
  • differential pressure regulators in stainless steel 316L (model BL) for flows up to 20 nm³/h (air equivalent) when coupled with Asameters models C keep flow constant in presence of downstream or upstream variable pressure.

The differential pressure on regulating valve is 5 mt H2O.

They are available threaded ¼' or ½' gas-F or NPT-F.

Manufacturing materials are carbon steel (with Buna diaphragm) and s.s. 316L (with PTFE or Viton diaphragm).

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