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Human existence and business prosperity in remote locations depend on the availability of clean water to people, livestock and crops. In many parts of the world reliable power supply is just as problematic as the supply of water. Asantys' solar pumping systems are the ideal solution by providing both: water and the power needed to fuel the pump system.

Based on renewable energy sources our systems combine state-of-the-art pump technology with sustainable energy efficient solutions to provide reliable water supply. This allows remote locations with little or no access to water and electricity affordable clean water. As our solar pumping systems pump the water directly with the power produced by the solar modules no batteries are needed. Solar pumping systems are therefore very cost effective compared to diesel pumping systems.


Our solar pumping systems are customized solutions, designed in accordance with the total head of your well and the daily water volume needed.

Inform us about your project location, your water table depth and estimated quantity of water volume needed per day. By analyzing location specific variables, we will design the system according to your application and local conditions.

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