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Asbestos Barrier System


Asbestos management is a serious issue. Billions of dollars have been spent removing asbestos containing materials from schools, homes, and commercial buildings constructed prior to 1978. While spray compound encapsulation methods are the most common remedy for walls, ceilings, and pipes, they are unable to address one major issue… flooring. Spray compounds can not handle the degree of abuse typically seen on floors and simply installing new carpet or tile over an existing asbestos floor is not a viable solution. They do not provide an airtight containment and will degrade over time, allowing the release of asbestos fibers once again.

Asbestos abatement (removal) is probably the most common solution to managing asbestos containing materials. There are several huge draw backs to abatement that one must consider. One being cost factor. The total cost for a completed abatement is huge! Then factor in the cost of having new floor covering installed and huge just became phenomenal! Then there is occupant and/or employee down time. During an abatement process, the area being abated must be contained (completely sealed off). If an apartment building is going to be abated, all residents must be relocated prior to beginning the project. If an office building is being abated, all employees must relocate or business shuts down for the duration of the project costing that particular company valuable time and revenue. Once the abatement is completed, the owner of the building is issued a lifetime landfill liability. That’s right! You’re responsible for any of the asbestos containing material even after is has left your building. There must be another solution.

Your solution has arrived! The Asbestos Barrier System (ABS). The ABS is a thin three ply membrane composed of polypropylene, fiberglass scrim, and aluminum. This membrane, measuring only 0.008 inch thick, provides a permanent 100% airtight containment of asbestos containing floor material. The cost of the ABS is typically 50% - 70% less than a complete abatement. The installation of the ABS does not disturb any of the existing asbestos containing materials eliminating any exposure risk and therefore requires no containment or oversight meaning none of the residents or employees need to be relocated. In a single work day any area encapsulated with the ABS is also overlaid with new floor covering keeping any disruption to a minimum. Any industry standard floor covering can be installed over the ABS. Floor covering can also be removed and replaced at the building owner’s discretion. By utilizing the ABS, the building owner also avoids any lifetime landfill liability, thus eliminating one more expense. Did we mention tax deductions?! Encapsulation is considered an expense item and can be deducted from taxable income in the year incurred.

The Asbestos Barrier System is a proven permanent system that is warranted for the life of the building. Over the past 17 years, many Government, hospital, and educational facilities have realized the merit in the utilization of the ABS. Most of which have made the ABS their standard solution for asbestos management in lieu of abatement. With our nations economical situation, companies are constantly searching for a more affordable and efficient solution to asbestos management. Well, the search can finally come to an end as the friendly team here at NAFES, Inc. and our ever growing list of certified contractors nationwide are ready to assist you with your asbestos management needs! Contacts us directly or check our list to see if one of our certified contractors is in your area.

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