Radiometrics Corporation (formerly Atmospheric Systems Corporation)

- Model 2000s/2000tp - High Altitude SoDAR Systems


The 2000 series SoDARs are ASC’s high altitude SoDAR systems. These systems utilize 3 parabolic dishes in three separate enclosures. The foundation for this design dates back to 1976. Decades of research and development have lead to the modern day systems.


The 2000 series systems have the ability to operate in lower power consumption mode, pulsing each antenna at different time intervals. Or, they can be configured to sample all 3 beams simultaneously increasing the number of complete samples available during the averaging intervals.

This product, like all of ASC’s SoDARs, offers the ability to capture data in real-time. The 2000 products measure vertical wind speed, horizontal wind speed, and wind direction with 10m resolution up to 700m. The digital facsimile offers a look at the atmospheric structure exposing inversions and other critical information.

As with the other SoDARs offered by ASC, the 2000 product line has the ability to incorporate numerous accessories. These systems can be used remotely or integrated into a network.

  • Maximum Height: 700 meters
  • Minimum Height: 80 meters
  • Resolution: 20 meters
  • Operating Frequency: 2000 Hz (changeable as appropriate)
  • Reporting Interval: User Selectable
  • Wind Speed Range: 0 to 35 m/s
  • Wind Speed Accuracy: Better than 0.5 m/s (WS > 2 m/s)
  • Wind Direction Accuracy: ± 2 degrees (WS > 2 m/s)
  • Power Usage: ~70 Watts (2000s) ~250 Watts (2000tp, AC only)
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Height: 119 inches
  • Per Cone Dimensions (L x W): 86 inches x 86 inches
  • Data Storage Space: 60GB
  • USB storage: Available
  • AC charging/heating requirements: 115V or 220V available

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