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- Plant and System-Level Optimization


Once it has been calibrated, the ASFM Monitor provides reliable, accurate and repeatable, long-term real-time monitoring of turbine discharge. It has been developed for use in low-head, short-intake plants, but can be used in higher head plants as well. It is installed on the walls of the intake, and thus can also be used for the detection of trashrack blockage and penstock rupture. If intake slots can be available long-term, frame-installed Monitors can be used for as long as needed, and then moved to another unit fully instrumented, thus reducing the monitoring costs significantly.

  • Cost effective support of unit, plant and system-level optimization models.
  • Non-intrusive, no headloss and no vulnerability to debris impact.
  • No moving parts, no mechanical maintenance.
  • Can be set up for single- or multi-bay installation.
  • Real-time output of total discharge provided on site or to remote locations in simple, user friendly displays and outputs.
  • Detection of operational problems, such as deterioration of turbine performance due to aging or trash rack blockage.
  • Virtually maintenance free - attractive alternative to Winter- Kennedy taps.

ASL AQFlow offers a complete installation and commissioning service package, including installation of the underwater and surface components, and carrying out the Monitor calibration using the ASFM Advantage temporarily installed in the gate or stoplog slots. The ASFM Monitor is backed up by a complete one-year warranty on parts and labor.

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