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- Valve Filling Machine



Valve filling machine is commonly used for powder bulk products, that are not free falling and have no for product breakage requirements (for example – granules). Bags are packed in range 10-50 kg. Base model is semi-automatic and needs operator for bag placing. Fully automatic variant of the machine is offered with automatic bag feeder including bag magazine. Dosing method is with screw doser. Optimal level of compaction is ensured. Machine has bulk hopper included. Only valve type of bags are appropriate. Products appropriate for valve machine: flour, semolina, cement and etc.

Stretch machine is recognized as machine with high flexibility, reliability and high performance. The design is open and one of the biggest advantages is easy maintenance. The number of wrapping cycles are pre- programmed and are just as much as needed for reliable packaging. Unlike handmade wrapping process, the usage of stretch machine saves unnecessary additional foil and labor costs.

The load capacity is 1500kg.

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