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- Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR)



Aslan’s SBR wastewater treatment systems utilize biological processes to treat the wastewater of small communities and municipalities. Our systems are available in several sizes, to meet any application. The unique combination of equipment, software, and automated activated sludge process allows these systems to operate under non-steady state conditions. Our SBRs are equipped with monitoring and control systems which provide the flexibility associated with working in a time sequence rather than in a space sequence in the same tank. SBR tanks are a single step process because of the integration of both the equalization aeration and sedimentation in a time sequence and the ability to control different temperature.

Our SBRs are easy to operate and maintain through streamlined process designs and are reliable in meeting effluent discharge requirements. Both batch and continuous flow approaches are available, managing flow variations and peak flows with minimal requirement for chemical use. The effluents are disinfected and typically reused for irrigation or other purposes.

Our Control PLC equipped with SCADA systems enable efficient aeration through controlled generation of dissolved oxygen helping with energy reduction.

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