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Asphalt Reinforcement Fiberglass Geogrid Composites



Fiberglass Geogrid composite with Nonwoven Geotextile is also known as fiberglass Geogrid glued to nonwoven Geotextile is a biaxial geogrid bonded to 150g PP / Polyester non-Woven Geotextile. It is specifically designed for asphalt reinforcement with an additional moisture proofing benefit. Its composite characteristic provides a continuous non-deforming water resistant barrier. The geogrid is bitumen coated which ensures proper adhesion to the asphalt layers over the tack coat surface, and further optimizes the chemical compatibility between the fiberglass reinforcement and the pavement overlay to create a solid bond of the asphalt layers over the tack coat surface. This bond ensures that the reinforcing grid is in a position to effectively accept and distribute tensile stresses.

It can widely apply in the water conservation, the municipal administration, the building, the transportation, the subway, the tunnel, the environmental protection and so on.

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