Energy Maintenance Technologies Ltd (EMT)

- Total Acid Number Titrator



The assero TAN Total Acid Number titrator exclusively available from Energy Maintenance technologies (EMT) Ltd has been designed to offer maximum specifications and features whilst being priced at a very competitive level.

  • Simple to use for new users to TAN
  • Fast and Precise results (5 min max)
  • Built in pre-programmed TAN method.
  • Measurement down to 0.001mg/g KOH acidity
  • Results in mg KOH/g.
  • Compact and light- weighs less than 5 kg
  • Data Logger for the last 50 titration results.
  • Transmission of results to printer or PC.
  • High precision 10ml syringe.
  • Resolution 1/40,000 of syringe vol (0.25ul)

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