Assmann Corporation of America

- Non-Pressure Piston Bins


Assmann's unique piston system offers new solutions for storage, handling and delivery of viscous products. This sealed and closed-looped system also provides solutions for protecting high quality and expensive materials from air, moisture, dirt and other contamination.

The poly bins have been used for lubricating greases, plastisol sealers, and fiber optic gels. This is a pump operated system that is filled and discharged through the same bottom 3' valve and quick connect fitting. The material must be flowable from the pump to load properly. As the material is pumped out, the vacuum below the airtight piston pulls the piston along with the product while wiping the tank sidewalls clean. Because the material level can be easily viewed, customers use more product when compared to other containers. When completely discharged, only 5 or 6 gallons remain in the 400 gallon piston bin.

The plastic tanks are reusable and returnable containers that are virtually 100% efficient. They eliminate the high cost of drum waste, handling and disposal. They are rugged, durable and will last many years with minimum maintenance.

  • Centipoise Range: Up to 500,000 cp
  • Tank Material: Polyethylene
  • Piston Material: Polyethylene
  • Seals: Neoprene
  • Size - Base: 48' square x 81' H
  • (122 cm x 206 cm)
  • Top: 51' dia (130 cm)
  • Tare Weight: 320 lbs. (145 kgs)

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