- Model BTD - Belt Drier



Astim Belt Drier is a simple and efficient thermal drying equipment that acts as a solution to high costs of sludge disposal. The system is customizable to match the needs of the process with single belt or double belt and direct or indirect heating options.

  • Ease of operation and maintenance
  • Low temperature operation for quality sludge output
  • Low dust production and odourless operation
  • Customizable chamber design to match the capacity needs
  • Perforated belts to maximize heat circulation efficiency

  • Sludge is continuously fed into distributer.
  • Doser spreads the sludge evenly on the extruder.
  • Sludge is extruded to spaghetti shape through a matrix plate which creates a uniform sludge cake on the top belt.
  • Belts carry the sludge cake slowly across the dryer to maximize the heat transfer and minimize the dust formation.
  • As sludge travels through chambers, gradually increasing heat evaporates the water content in the sludge.
  • Fans circulate the air in the system creating consistent drying.
  • Final dry product is produced after a required sludge standby time on the belt.

Every plant has different characteristics and conditions. Astim Belt Drier can be easily adapted to suit these diverse requirements and expectation with customizable drying times, extruder sizing, operation temperatures and variable energy supply.

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