- Model PPS - Perforated Belt Screens



Through Flow Perforated Belt Screens are mainly used as fine screening equipment for high and medium sized municipal and industrial water, wastewater treatment plants. Especially for fine screening the perforated screening elements provide superior separation efficiency in comparison with bar screening elements. Through Flow Perforated Belt Screen is able to cope with even high amounts of gravel and grit. Also the screening elements prevent especially long fibers from passing through the screen and thus achieve the maximum separation efficiency.

The screenings are kept by the perforated plates. As the endless perforated belt is rotating in the channel the screenings are slowly separated from the water stream. Formation of screenings rolls is prevented by rake bars extending over the full width of the screen in combination with the screen's installation angle. Even cans and bottles are lifted by these rakes. At their upper turning point the perforated plates are continuously cleaned by a fast counter-rotating brush which increases the cleaning energy and thus significantly improves the cleaning efficiency. Cleaning is supported by an integrated spray bar.

  • Slot Width: 2 ÷ 12 mm
  • Channel width: 400 ÷ 3000 mm
  • Discharge height: up to 10 m
  • Installation Angle: 60° ÷ 75° 
  • Material: Carbon steel with surface protection or Stainless Steel

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