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A grit classifier is typically designed to precipitate grit and debris from the influent stream settling it into the conveyor trough for removal. During the removal process it is possible to remove organic matter from the grit and debris by spraying the material with plant water during the transportation (nocking back the lighter organic material into the effluent stream). The dewatering of the grit and debris starts once the material moves above the water line, gravity pulls the water back the grit into the tank section. For better dewatering the combination of spiral speed and the length of the conveyor above the waterline play a key role.

Low cost operation

  • Shaftless screw, no submerged bearings or seals.
  • Compact and robust design.
  • Direct coupled, easily accessible gear-drive.
  • Complete with hydro-cyclone where required.


  • The combination of the inlet design, tank and conveyor shapes all contribute to minimize turbulence in the quiet zone and increases efficiency.
  • Overflow weir design, helps to avoid blockage by floating debris, such as organics.


In both: Municipal and Industrial water and waste-water treatment.


ATARA Grit Classifiers come equipped with:

  • Bolted lids, (over the tank section) and the free length of conveyor
  • Hinged inspection coverts over both the overflow weir and discharge
  • The conveyor trough is lined with removable wear bars of hardened steel, stainless steel bars or grooved UHMW
  • The gear drive is coupled to the endplate using a gear drive adaptor
  • The drive shaft extends from the hollow shaft through a packing gland and is direct coupled to the coupling disc of the spiral
  • The ATARA Grit Classifier is delivered with supports designed to suit installation on an even floor surface.


  • Mild steel painted
  • Stainless Steel (304), (316) or (316L)

Note: the measurement C,D,E and L2 are min. measures. If C and L2 are increased, the A,D and E measurements will also be increased. When ordering, please state type and length of Conveyor (L1+L2).

Operating under Normal Conditions as described above, the following is an approximate percentage of grit particle sizes removed:

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