ATARFIL Geomembranes

- Model TM / TMT - Polypropylene



Structured geomembrane with excellent resistance and flexibility. Greater stability on slopes is achieved thanks to its rough surface. ATARPOL TM / TMT is a geomembrane manufactured from maximum quality Polypropylene PP resins, duly contrasted, that comply with the most rigurous requirements established for their use.

ATARPOL TM / TMT contains 97,5% of pure polymer, and approximately 2,5% of Carbon Black, antioxidants and thermal stabilizers. The product does not contain plasticizers or fillers that can migrate over time.

The geomembrane ATARPOL TM / TMT is manufactured under permanent quality controls.

  • UV Resistance: 9/10
  • Resistance to Chemical Attack: 10/10
  • Mechanical Resistance: 7/10
  • Flexibility / Weldability: 9/10

  • Landfill Capping
  • Tailing ponds, Leach mining
  • Erosion Control
  • Consolidation of Margins
  • Special Applications

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