- Model 8000 - Cartridge Sampler



The Model 8000 Cartridge Sampler is a self-contained eight-port air sampling instrument that has been specifically designed to accurately collect multiple carbonyl samples for specified periods using DNPH cartridges according to EPA Compendium Method TO-11A. The flow rates through each cartridge is regulated using electronic mass flow controllers. A single board internal computer with a color touch screen display provides flexible scheduling, error checking, and data logging capabilities. The sampler can be configured with up to three independent channels for collocated sampling. A multi-port expansion unit can be added to provide up to 16 additional samples.

  • On screen Standard Operating Procedures provide step-by-step guidance for operators during instrument setup
  • Cartridge flow rate and volume logged during sampling
  • Cartridge flow rate monitored for out of tolerance conditions
  • Auto zero of mass flow controllers
  • Software calibration of mass flow controllers
  • Duplicate sampling with independent mass flow controllers (maximum of four independent channels)
  • Optional label printer to provide QA labels for cartridges
  • Data download to jump drive
  • Idle ports and collocated channels can be programmed while sampling
  • Programmable purge for main unit and expansion units flushes entire sample path prior to sampling
  • Temperature controlled ozone scrubber for carbonyl sampling
  • Manual mode operation to activate all components

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