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- Model M1-PVC-C 19/3.3-1200 - Ceramic Membrane Pressure Vessels



Available membranes (m2): 1/16 (0.06), 7/6 (0.16), 19/3.3 (0.24), 37/2 (0.28).

There is strength in unity
The ceramic membranes are arranged in pressure vessels to form modules.

Filter surfaces are available in sizes ranging from 0.05 m² for test purposes to more than 30 m² per vessel for large-scale applications. It is a matter of course for us to manufacture bigger units for special applications, if requested.

For applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries special vessel designs are available which meet all requirements of sanitary standards (e.g. US 3-A).

Due to their design these vessels provide perfect cleaning and sterilizing capability (use of CIP and SIP systems is possible). To complement our range of products, we offer special plastic modules that have been developed especially for use with highly corrosive media.

PVC-C modules: For standard installations or costumized
The modules are made of PVC-C and will work smoothly at pressure stages up to PN 10 and at temperatures up to 80°C. They have the advantage of being much cheaper than stainless steel modules. In addition, the design of the vessels is simpler because each vessel only contains one membrane element. The plastic modules are specifically designed for use in small installations, especially for standard installations having filter surfaces of 0.24 m², 0.53 m² and 1.06 m² per module with channel diameters from 3.3 to 3.8 mm.

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