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With more than 55 000 flow testers currently in operation throughout 32 countries, ATEQ remains by far the largest manufacturer of leak testing instruments for production lines in the world. With the 5 series, ATEQ introduces the fastest, most reliable, versatile, user friendly flow tester range in the market, and by far the most popular ever built.

Discovering “Pascal”

At the heart of every ATEQ flow tester lays a patented differential pressure transducer, the performance of which remains unmatched in the industry.

This technological marvel can measure pressure variations of 0.1 Pascal (That’s 0.000145 PSI) and handle test pressures up to 80 Bars (1160 PSI !).

170 Bar POC Naturally, all of this comes calibrated by our traceable to international standard calibration lab.

Experience speedy flow testing

Ever found yourself frustrated with an aging and slow flow testing test station?

The 5 series comes fully equipped with the latest technology in dry and clean flow detection

30 of our engineers work all year long to improve the already state of the art technologies that ATEQ has been mastering for the past 30 years.

Easier to use would have been insulting

Programming a flow tester used to be a job in itself, and while ATEQ has always been at the forefront of user friendliness in the past, it still remained a task most were reluctant to do.

Now this is all history with the 5 series ‘s interface.

You’ll find yourself achieving fantastic results in no time. Programming up to 64 sequential programs using different pressures and cycle times has never been easier.

At last … a compact flow tester

The 520 is the smallest flow tester on the market and yet contain the same technology as the larger and more traditional 3U versions.

So what is the advantage of the reduced size?

The smaller the instrument, the closer you can position it to your test rig thus reducing the overhaul test volume.

By reducing the test volume, you decrease the cycle time and increase the accuracy of the test.

Service is everything

No matter how good your flow tester is right out of the box, it is its performance 10 years later that makes it a good or a bad choice.

ATEQ is the only company in its field that can service its instruments with its own engineers in 25 countries.

And as if this wasn’t enough, we’ve extended our service to customers in an additional 12 countries with local certified agents.

As a matter of fact, we have so many representatives of our own around the world, that the sun never sets on ATEQ’s service network.

So if your problem is really urgent, an English speaking technician is always reachable 24 hours per day 5 days a week (See our service page for more details).

ATEQ also delivers extensive training courses for maintenance as well as engineering personnel.

And you can count on our service technicians through the year to calibrate your devices on-site or in our local premises if you prefer.

Finally, we are here to advise you on preventive maintenance to avoid any interruption of your production.

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