- Network System


The Atlantis network system connects a wide range of sensors to the online big data web platform Atlantis. The network is Ethernet based and each of the sensors in the network is connected via a synchronized Ethernet datalogger to an Ethernet switch. Data, power and synchronization are feasible over a single Ethernet cable. The plug and play monitoring modules stream the synchronized and real time data to Atlantis for further visualization and post-processing.

The network can be set up with our two sensor interfaces: The RS485 datalogger DOT-DL-01 is targeted to interface small sensors (for example: pressure sensors, thermistors, strain gauges,...) and can be connected in a bus structure to the Ethernet datalogger DOT-DL-02. The Ethernet datalogger DOT-DL-02 can directly interface high bandwidth equipment or can be used to bridge RS485 to Ethernet. Both dataloggers are used as building blocks to generate the network topology and interface and synchronize all type of standard sensors on the market.
This network topology allows a flexible and robust implementation of a sensor network and can support applications like offshore windfarm monitoring, oil rig monitoring, metocean and environmental buoy systems, ROV platforms, ...

  • Continuous monitoring
  • Plug & play module
  • Generic data storage
  • User friendly visualization software

  • Ethernet to the sensor
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Time stamped data acquisition
  • UPS, battery & battery charger on the sensor

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