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- Model 2.5 - 101 - Pneumatic Piston Pump



The Atlas 2.5 Pneumatic Piston Pump is Blackhawk’s most powerful pneumatic reciprocating piston pump. It is designed for difficult and heavy-duty applications, including hot and/or harsh environments, remediation, high discharge pressure, deep wells, angled or horizontal pumping, winter running and extended duty. Model 101 maintains steady flow to depths of 813 feet (248 meters).

The Atlas 2.5 Model 101 is a reciprocating rod, positive-displacement piston pump powered by industrial-quality compressed air. The motor is at surface grade above the wellhead for easy installation and maintenance. Power to the pump is direct from surface through the sucker-rod assembly. The fluid inlet is at the pump bottom intake and removes fluid to 0 submergence depth.

  • Hot, harsh environments
  • Sinking liquids remediation
  • Extended duty
  • Extreme cold
  • Pumps at any angle, even horizontal
  • Difficult landfill leachate
  • Gas condensate recovery
  • Gas-well dewatering

  • Most powerful model – works in extreme cold
  • Pumps virtually any liquid
  • Best for demanding situations
  • Power and connections above well; no high-pressure air down in the well
  • Quick, easy, less-frequent servicing – no pump pulling
  • No greenhouse gas or exhaust-air emissions
  • Does not stall under vacuum
  • Pumps at controlled rate; reduces risk of over-pumping and silting
  • Motor is safely and cleanly away from liquid being pumped
  • Only two large, rugged seals – simple maintenance
  • Runs wet or dry without damage

  • Down-well assembly, the standard for reliability
  • No metal-to-metal wetted moving parts; resists chemical encrustation, bio fouling and abrasion
  • Superior-quality drive pistons have extended service life, proven in the field
  • Unitary fiberglass drive rod and patented connectors pump past 800 feet (250 m)
  • Pumps come ready to plumb and plug in
  • Can pump at any angle, including horizontal
  • Mix components for customized needs
  • System delivered as complete package

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