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- Model N Series - Weather Station



The Atmos NT model is the same as the above except with the addition of an Instromet MWD (Multi Weather Display). The MWD fitted to the Atmos NT has the ability to display Temperature (C/F switchable with Min/Max function), Rainfall (mm/inc selectable, and accumilated display), and also time and date for reference.

The Atmos N model has the ability to display the below weather attributes:

  • Wind speed (selectable from MPH, MPS, KPH)
  • Wind Direction via a mechanical dial

The Atmos N model is supplied with Display, junction box with plug in ACA, and an Instromet basic wind sensor.The Atmos NT model is supplied with Display, junction box with plug in ACA, and an Instromet Wind/Temp sensor.The rainfall sensor for the NT model is deemed to be an optional extra and needs to be ordered seperately

  • Wind direction: N & NT Mechanical Dial.
  • Wind Speed: Analogue pointer indicator calibrated scale 0 - 90 mph, 0 - 80 knots and 1 - 12 Beaufort scale, accuracy ± 7.5 %.
  • Gust speed: reset pointer for maximum readings.
  • Temperature:NT models only - Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) scale in °C or °F selectable by push-button on display case side. Range: -40°C to + 50°C (-40°F to + 120°F) resolution 0.1°C.
  • Display case: 305mm long x 180mm high x 60mm deep.
  • Material: Sapele natural wood.
  • Finish: Sapele wood acid catalsyt lacquer with natural glass window front.
  • Scales: Black on white background.
  • Sensors: Basic wind speed and direction for mast mounting 30 - 50mm diameter.
  • Cable: 6 x 7/0.2 T.C unscreened pvc/pvc-25 metres.
  • Junction box and plug-in power unit - supplied.

Mounting kits available:

  • Mast 480 1000 094 Short (1 metre)
  • Mast 480 1000 096 Long (2 metres)
  • Tile and Wall 480 1000 097

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