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Atmospheric LiDAR Network



With the increasingly complexity of pollution, the traditional point equipment or a single lidar instrument can not meet monitoring requirements. It’s significant to build a 3D monitoring network from near-ground to medium and high altitude for a lager-scale comprehensive detection of atmospheric environment, by collaboratively operating multiple lidar systems from multiple monitoring stations. A good knowledge of aerosol evolution law and pollution transmission path, provides data basis for early warning of urban pollution and for government’s decision-making.

  • Analyzing Regional pollution diffusion law :Lidar network can obtain the 3D pollution diffusion law at larger range and higher altitude.
  • Early Warning and Forecasting Regional Pollution :By integrating multiple laser lidars, the lidar network can achieve joint detection and defense, to provide the basis for haze prediction.
  • Collaborative analysis with near-ground monitoring stations :The lidar network provides an access to multiple parameters, by integrating parameters from other conventional monitoring equipment.

Compliant with clients’ monitoring requirements, the network system could integrate multiple aerosol lidars or various lidars of different monitoring functions such as clouds, temperature, ozone, and so on.

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