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- Refrigerator Recycling Logistics System



Efficiency: Having a well-thought-out logistical system in your recycling plant will increase the efficiency.  Our systems can handle up to 200 refrigerators an hour.

Machines have to work with the maximum capacity they are designed for. Very often the capacity of a plant is limited, because of the logistical system. ATN is able to design the most efficient logistics based on 30 years of experience. From a simple non-driven system to an automatic system with lifts and automatic degassing stations.  

In order to reach maximum efficiency the best designed logistical system is needed. Every logistical system has to be built within the boundaries of your requirements. From 60 fridges per hour up to 200 fridges an hour. Moreover, a low number of opperating staff is ofcourse important.

  • Hydraulic lifting tables
  • Several types of cutters
  • Automatic degassing units
  • AC unit degassing plants
  • Ammonia degassing plants

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