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Atomic Absorption Lamp


Customers can safely and conveniently return used hollow cathode lamps for recycling using pre-paid shipping pails. We have arranged for Veolia Environmental Services of North America, a division of Veolia Environmental Services (with operations in 77 countries) to provide pre-paid shipping pails that enable customers to return up to five lamps for recycling.

Countries Serviced: USA, Canada
We are currently working to extend this recycling service to other regions.

This is a paid recycling service. The purchase price covers provision of a UN-rated and U.S. Department of Transportation-approved recycling container, shipping costs, recycling and written compliance documentation (including a certificate of recycling).

This program:

  • Helps to reduce environmental impact.
  • Allows safe breakdown of the lamps and separation into glass, metal, plastic, and electronic waste for recycling or disposal as appropriate.
  • Helps Atomic Absorption users maintain compliance with state and federal regulations controlling waste disposal.
  • Provides a convenient and timely way for our users to dispose of used lamps.

How this program works:

  • Agilent Atomic Absorption (AA) users who want to return AA lamps for recycling can go to the Veolia website (
  • Click on the “Buy Now” button and follow the links to order the “RecyclePak” containers.
  • Select the option for “SUPPLY243- 1/2 GAL ATOMIC ABSORPTION LAMP RECYCLING PAIL.“ (See photo.) This pail allows return of up to five hollow cathode lamps in a single shipment. All used Agilent hollow cathode lamps are accepted for return under this recycling program.

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