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- Dryer-Pulveriser


The Atritor Dryer-Pulveriser has been in continuous manufacture for over 80 years. It has a unique design with pulverising occurring predominantly by attrition. The mill is a very compact air-swept flash dryer and temperature differentials of over 500°C ensure high evaporative capacity and thermal efficiency.

Internal wear parts are manufactured from specially-formulated abrasion resistant irons produced in our own foundry. They are extremely quick and easy to change through the hinged door of the mill.

The size of the feed can be up to 50mm with grinding capacities as high as 20 tonnes per hour.

The mill incorporates an integral product particle size controller for consistent product quality, which, unusually, is unaffected by processing rate.

The recently developed 'B'-series extends the evaporative capacity of a single unit to six tonnes per hour. 'B'-series machines are of lighter duty construction, designed for operation on non-abrasive materials and where drying is the major function.

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